Business Hosting

Just as it is for us humans, location and neighbourhoods really matter. Where your website lives (the server it is stored on) can have a direct effect on how it performs with search engines so when it comes to hosting websites we know that only the very best UK Servers can provide the stability, speed, functionality and good server location we demand as standard.

Our hosting packages come with a wide range of useful facilities, easy install scripts for webmasters, analytics software and are accessible via a simple browser based control panel available to you wherever you are.



As designers, we like to keep things simple so our hosting is available with just two options. Our startup hosting is suitable for most Small to medium businesses and is by far the most popular with our clients. However, if you plan on having an ecommerce website, a busy forum or perhaps just a hosting solution able to cope with very large visitor numbers then our premium hosting is what you'll need.

Premium Cloud Hosting Unlimited: £130 per annum


Startup Hosting: £65 per annum


SSL Certificates

The benefits of using an SSL certificate Increase conversions Research has shown that up to 75% of potential customers abandon a retail website due to security concerns, so a recognised, industry-standard SSL certificate will help increase your conversion rates and build up your reputation with customers.

Enhanced reputation A visibly secured website helps you enhance your reputation and guard against possible attacks and fraud. Store information securely SSL certificates are not exclusive to websites trading online. If your site requires a login for protected information, make it secure with SSL technology.

An SSL certificate prevents data being intercepted when it is being accessed by authorised users. Business Validation The SSL certificate verifies you are who you claim to be and that customers can complete a transaction with confidence.

Option 1

Ideal for online traders just starting out or with a limited budget.

Option 2

Perfect for growing businesses looking to publicly display their security credentials.

Option 3

Comprehensive security and warranties. Also displays the green bar in the browser.


Reliable Cloud hosting

Our servers work together to store your website assets and handle traffic and data in what's known as a cloud optimized cluster. Your website cannot be affected by any spikes in traffic or any technical issues that may occur with a standalone server. Our cloud platform can adapt instantly to any sudden changes in visitor numbers or bandwidth usage making sure your website is always running at peak performance.

As well as having no one single point of failure, our network automatically adapts to any demands being placed on it to not only ensure your websites are always online, but that they are fast, reliable, and secure. Powered by the latest Dell and Intel technology, our purpose built cloud hosting platform is unrivalled in the UK for speed, stability, and reliability. Excellent customer support - Our in-depth support database provides the answers to common web hosting related questions and if you need to get in touch, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Using adaptive and automatic load balancing, our cloud hosting ensures extremely fast page load speeds at all times.

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